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Jing Jyun Industry Co., Ltd

Jing Jyun Industrial Co., Ltd. - we invested in every area of R & D resources, specializing in design, development and manufacturing multi-purpose LED lights, LED warning lights, LED fog lights and LED rescue lights for all kinds of models of cars, motorcycles, ships, trucks, and pick-up.

As a professional LED lights manufacturer we have confidence to have the ability to grasp the trend of car light market so that we can provide the newest type product to our customers to meet their demands. Being a responsible partner we care about every feedback from our customers and listen to what they said.

Jing Jyun have been trusted by our customers because we always insist on providing accurate delivery and best quality, to maintain a pleasant cooperation with our customers.

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璟駿,ZRD,霧燈,照明燈,警示燈,車燈,船用燈,LED 車燈,車燈,照明燈,警示燈,霧燈,救援燈,LED,LED 照明燈,LED 警示燈,LED 霧燈,LED 救援燈,璟駿興業,璟駿興業有限公司,璟駿,ZRD,霧燈,照明燈,警示燈,車燈,船用燈,LED 車燈,車燈,照明燈,警示燈,霧燈,救援燈,LED,LED 照明燈,LED 警示燈,LED 霧燈,LED 救援燈,璟駿興業,璟駿興業有限公司,





2018 Automechanika Dubai

Show Dates: 1 - 3 May 2018

Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre





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